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347 lead-free environmentally friendly copper

Lead-Free, Eco Friendly Copper Alloys & Green Alloys™

This lead-free, environmentally friendly copper-based bearing material is designed for high speed/load applications. Bronzes in this group of alloys, also noted above, include


Development of a Lead-Free Bearing Material for

20151125 · In some countries, regulations prohibit the use of lead in plumbing applications, bearing materials, and electronic equipment. The main objective of this

: J. Thomson, R. Zavadil, M. Sahoo, A. Dadouche, W. Dmochowski, M. Conlon

Lead-Free Perovskite Nanocrystals for Light-Emitting Devices

201839 · Lead halide perovskites with nanoscale geometries have received recent attention due to the defect-tolerant high photoluminescence quantum yield at tunable

: Jia Sun, Jia Sun, Jeehye Yang, Jong Ik Lee, Jeong Ho Cho, Moon Sung Kang

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