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copper cuzn30 in usa


CuZn30 - Aurubis

202229 · CuZn30 is a solid solution strengthened copper alloy containing 30% zinc (brass). The alloy has very good cold forming properties and can be brazed and


CuZn30 / CW505L - SteelNumber - Copper equivalent, chem…C2600 (Japan, JIS ) - Worldwide equivalent grades - Steel N…CZ106 / CW505L / Cartridge Brass | Holme Dodsworth Metal…CUZN33 (Brass) - CW506L - C26800 - Cu Zn 33 - METAL R…Copper and brass grades: cross-reference of designation sta…•

CuZn30 Brass Wire - Buck Copper Group

Diameter: 0.5mm-4mm. Length: as customers' requirement. Size can be customized according to customer needs. Surface. Mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair

Item: CuZn30 Brass Wire